Can blockchain change the world? We want to meet technologists interested in helping us to answer this question.Remote cooperation is possible. Here is what we plan to do:

  • experimental economics for urban Commons
  • blockchain powered P2P governance system
  • granular privacy controls, to let the users feed Artificial Intelligences of choice
  • geolocated web and augmented reality as the future of internet
  • the projects are well funded and we routinely apply for further financing

What we offer:

  • a concrete chance to shape the economy and governance of the future
  • flexible research contracts,but possible longterm cooperation (5+years)
  • the opportunity to develop blockchain skills, nowadays valued in the private sector. Support to entrepreneurship. Coins, maybe.

For both applications a University degree is higly appreciated, feel free to drop us a line or message us for every kind of information. The project is open source and admits other forms of involvement.


Front-end developer

Required skills, how many technologies do you master in the list?

  • blockchain-curious computer scientists (preferably)
  • React (and React Native)
  • ES6
  • html5, css3, Material-UI
  • grunt, gulp, webpack

Graphic designer

We are looking for a creative team player to join us working on our apps. He/she will be in charge of design from the early sketches to the relationships with the front-end team. Requirements:

  • Proficient and experienced user of graphic design tools (Adobe suite, sketch, etc)
  • consistent creativity, capability in creating web mockups and styling design guidelines for any project
  • Experience creating infographics and visual mockups for digital products
  • Awareness of current development trends and capability to do research on app-specific design issues
  • Ability to hand draw and sketch ideas