Can blockchain change the world? We want to meet technologists interested in helping us to answer this question.Remote cooperation is possible. Here is what we plan to do:

  • experimental economics for urban Commons
  • blockchain powered P2P governance system
  • granular privacy controls, to let the users feed Artificial Intelligences of choice
  • geolocated web and augmented reality as the future of internet
  • the projects are well funded and we routinely apply for further financing

What we offer:

  • a concrete chance to shape the economy and governance of the future
  • flexible research contracts,but possible longterm cooperation (5+years)
  • the opportunity to develop blockchain skills, nowadays valued in the private sector. Support to entrepreneurship. Coins, maybe.

For both applications a University degree is higly appreciated, feel free to drop us a line or message us for every kind of information. The project is open source and admits other forms of involvement.


Full stack developer

Required skills, how many technologies do you master in the list?

  • very talented and blockchain-curious computer scientists
  • Javascript ECMA 5+
  • typescript
  • html5,css3
  • Angular 2+ / React
  • React Native / Native Script
  • Bootstrap, Angular Material
  • grunt, gulp, webpack
  • Shell linux enterprise,
  • NoSQL, MongoDB
  • Blockchain on Ethereum stack (Javascript) preferred.

UX & Web designer

Required skills, or which other tools you'd suggest for the feat?

  • style and research of a user centered approach
  • UX Prototyping Software (Axure, Balsamiq)
  • HTML / CSS, W3C Accessibility GuideLines (ISO/IEC 40500:2012), Usability (ISO/TR 16982:2002)
  • Graphic Design (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop), Video/Image media format,
  • Collaboration software (Git).