UTBI Alliance

Startups and projects can apply now to join the UTBI Alliance. UTBI is a long term project that evolves in a decentralized manner. We aim to build a research and entrepreneurship ecosystem for the most forward thinking blockchain ideas thus to allow significant economies of scale. Here in Turin, public investment fosters the adoption of wallets ready for your tokens! Moreover, startups can join consortia and apply for financing or European grants in partnership with a prestigious academic institution.
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Our initiative offers to all blockchain innovators an unique chance to have a glimpse on the high blockchain density society of the future. By diffusing permissionless chain  wallets in Turin’s neighborhoods we will allow to test applications leveraging proximity and word of mouth as local impact multipliers. The testbed can be exploited while preserving secrecy and IPR protection within the limitations allowed by law and technology.

Juniors & Friends

This informal group is the jewel in UTBI’s crown. Students and individuals meet to develop amazing projects while experimenting tokenized governance systems. Radical decentralization is the goal. Flexible teams will profit from the ecosystem giving room to entrepreneural and pro-social ideas. We expect a lot of ICOs and other forms of public engagement from this sub-project . UTBI’s JAF group is more than incubator: it is a fully decentralized one.
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